The winery of the Paris Estateis a new modern wine production unit in the area ofProfitis Elias in Skiathos. Designed with simple Greek architecture with spaces capable of hosting, initiating, educating and entertaining visitors.

  • Ιωάννης Παρίσσης

    Ο δημιουργός του ο Γιάννης Παρίσσης, ένας λάτρης και φίλος του κρασιού είναι ένας επαγγελματίας οινοποιός.

Parissis Winery

Parissis Winery

Parissi winery is one of the most beautiful small wineries in Greece, with very interesting local wines. Built 100 meters from the prophet Elias, a small church on the slopes of the mountain, located in the back of the city of Skiathos and in a lush forest of pines, spruce and plane trees, on a plateau where a small vineyard was planted, the winery stands as a small piece of jewelry. Its creator Giannis Parissis, a lover and friend of wine is a professional winemaker.

In 2020 the Paris winery is ready. Thirty acres of vineyards – which are growing every year -, a modern winery with a capacity of 30,000 bottles, with winemaker Katerina Mitzelou of Skiathos, with high quality wines especially Rhodite and Malagouzia, a view that is not satisfied and two owners, Giannis creative and willing to make you have a good time.

The wines of the Paris Winery:

  • Thalassa Steria, white dry wine, Rhodite
  • Antithessi, white dry wine
  • Rose Paris, dry rosé wine
  • EPI TOPOU , dry white wine, Assyrtiko, Rhodite
  • Vapori, dry red wine, sour and black Limnio
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