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Walking Tourism

Paradise trails to explore

One of the projects that have already been proposed for inclusion in the Integrated Spatial Investment of the islands is the ecotourism routes of the Municipality of Skiathos, a project mature for implementation, which will offer additional benefits to Skiathos.

“The specific project includes the highlighting of the paths, through paving, benches, signage. Thus, we will promote walking tourism, which is thematic tourism and is developing in a period beyond the high season “, said the mayor of Skiathos, Thodoris Tzoumas.

Πηγή : https://etravelnews.gr/skiathos-shedio-anadeixis-monopation-gia-proselkysi-peripatitikou-tourismou/

Skiathos offers 26 hiking routes – a total of 208 km. Also, the Leading Quality Trail, the “Skiathos Trail”, is a special hiking route with a total length of 48 km.

Hiking in Skiathos you will find shady forests along the streams, you will see historical places and you will enjoy delicacies in traditional taverns on the beach.
All routes are in very good condition and are marked. For more information there is the tourist and hiking guide of Skiathos or even better you can organize your hike with us, with an experienced guide, who will inform you about the nature, the herbs (until the end of June) and the history of the island.

-There is the possibility of organizing hiking in Skopelos.

All routes are given as a gift in a file for GPS and a hiking medal for all those who reached the 24 routes.

A few words about the founder of the Hiking Center www.hikingskiathos.com

Ortwin Widmann, comes from Germany and became a big fan of Greece and especially of Skiathos. Since 1997 he lives in Skiathos with his wife. Over time he became acquainted with the Greek language, as well as the traditional dances and folk songs of Skiathos. He has studied the local customs and history of the island and as a nature lover and enthusiastic hiker he has explored the whole island and its beauties on foot. He also created a Hiking Guide for Skiathos, which includes information and some of the most impressive hiking trails accompanied by historical references. It also provides useful tips so that the visitor has at his disposal information that will facilitate his navigation.

More information can be found at the Skiathos Hiking Center www.hikingskiathos.com
Contact: Ortwin Widmann
Tel: (30) 6972705416
Email: widmann@otenet.gr


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