United with a common goal and vision

The Municipality of Skiathos is in constant communication with the productive bodies of the place because they all have a common goal. The good of the island. Only together we will succeed. He works with seriousness, responsibility and immediacy, following the instructions of the state, in order to create, as far as possible, favorable conditions in order to face the unprecedented situation that our country is experiencing.

Recognizing the dominant importance of tourism for the economic and social development of the island, coordinated and targeted actions are taken together, in order to promote Skiathos as a tourist product and to extend the tourist season, so as not to “lose” the entire season. Circumstances invite us all together to work for the good of our island especially in this unprecedented circumstance. “Said Alexandros Efstathiou, President of the Hoteliers Association”

“We are in constant communication with the local bodies, among them the Skiathos Hoteliers Association. With the aim of strengthening the image of Skiathos, the Municipality collaborates with Marketing Greece to promote the tourist product and the special character of the island. We must unite our forces, in this struggle, to face this unprecedented crisis where no one is left over “, said Thodoris Tzoumas, Mayor of Skiathos.

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