The new Board of Directors was formed in a House. of the Panhellenic Hoteliers Federation with Grigoris Tassios as president

The new Board of Directors of the Panhellenic Hoteliers Federation, as it emerged from the Appointments of October 15, 2020, met today and was formed into a Body, as follows: Tsakalakis Manolis Deputy Deputy General Secretary: Chatzis Ioannis Treasurer: Timotheatos Gerasimos Public Relations Officer: Kallias Angelos International Relations Officer: Maistrali Antigoni Members: Synagros My person and the second consecutive term in the Presidency of POX, with the mandate renewed by the General Assembly and the new Board of Directors, mean one thing to me. The duty to reciprocate this trust, representing consistently and decisively the industry, in the most difficult situation of all time for Greek tourism. Hoteliers have before us the difficult bet of surviving the rapid recovery. We expect that the government will respond to our proposals for the support of the Greek hotel that deserves and deserves it because it has always turned its back on the difficult times for the country. Our message in each case is clear and unambiguous. We are determined to do whatever it takes to win the present and the future of the Greek hotel. We do not owe it only to ourselves. We owe it to the economy, to society, to the homeland. Greek tourism does not exist without Greek hotels and the Greek economy does not exist without Greek tourism “.


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