Skiathos Hoteliers Association: Our goal is for our island to remain one of the top destinations

The first meeting of the members of the new Board of Directors of the Skiathos Hoteliers Association, which emerged from the elections of August 2, 2020, was held with great success, with the aim of forming the new Board of Directors.

Το νέο ΔΣ έχει ως εξής:

President: Efstathios Alexandros
Vice President: Andritsopoulos Panagiotis
Secretary: Dioletta Ourania
Treasurer: Diolettas George
Member: Dimitrios Aivaliotis

The process took place in a very good atmosphere with intense concerns for the new really difficult time for tourism, especially due to Covid-19. The need for cooperation with all local and non-local bodies, such as e.g. the POX.

The Skiathos Hoteliers Association, in the context of the most direct and best communication, both between its members and with the businessmen and with the society of Skiathos as a whole, as well as with every body and agent of the island, also proceeds to create a Press and Communication Office with Theodore K. Tzoumas in charge. The aim is from now on to have constant and effective information and communication regarding the actions, the offer and with every issue that concerns the Union and the society of Skiathos.

The Union will seek to stand by its members and cooperate with all stakeholders, so that our island continues to be one of the top destinations. By adapting to the new reality, with cooperation and groundbreaking decisions, we must all act as concentric circles for the island we love.

Με εκτίμηση,

Το Διοικητικό Συμβούλιο της Ένωσης Ξενοδόχων Σκιάθου


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